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Justin Williams, Real Estate Investor

When I first started trying to flip houses more than 8 years ago, I felt overwhelmed by everything I needed to learn. My guess is that you’re feeling the same way right now. It doesn’t help that most “guru” courses and seminars barely scratch the surface and don’t give you the hard truths you need to learn in order to take real action.

I’ve been there. I’ve felt that frustration. It propelled me to create a business system that now flips around 100 houses a year with minimal involvement from myself. And it compelled me to create this website and these educational resources for others who are trying to learn to flip.

I don’t claim to know everything. But after flipping over 500 houses, I’ve learned a lot, and I learned it all the hard way. At House Flipping HQ, my goal is to give you the resources, tools, and guidance I wish I’d had when I started. We keep it real. No fluff—just honest, actionable information that you can use today.

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While I have a lot of experience with house flipping, I’m definitely not the only name in the game. Every week, I talk with professionals in the house flipping and real estate investing businesses who share inside tips, tools, and information. LISTEN NOW »

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From finding properties and deal acquisition to securing financing and working with contractors on your rehab, our articles cover nearly every aspect of house flipping—and we’re adding more all the time. Learn the techniques the pros use every day! START READING »

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Every now and then, I do seminars, webinars, live meetups, and other events, often alongside some of the most successful pros in the field. My goal is to pack as much learning and insight as possible into these events to help you take your business to the next level. UPCOMING EVENTS »

How I Went from Making $200 a Month Buying Rentals to 7 Figures Flipping Houses

In House Flipping Formula, I share everything I’ve learned on my journey from barely scraping by as a newbie investor to flipping 100+ houses per year… plus, get all the contracts, documents, training videos, and other resources you need to launch and grow your investing business!

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