HFHQ 192: I’ve NEVER done this before (might get in trouble)…

HFHQ 192: I’ve NEVER done this before (might get in trouble)…

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Episode 192: Show Notes

I want to let you in on a secret…

Well, actually it’s not just 1 secret.  It’s a whole lot of secrets.

Let’s just say this might get me in trouble, ha ha…

But I’m doing it.

I’m going to let you peek behind the curtain…

…and listen in on the recording of the first 6 Figure Flipping coaching call we held last week with the amazing Bill Allen.

Yes, I’m giving you the whole call… unedited… uncensored.

I’ve never done this before and I probably won’t do it again.

So this is your chance.

If you want to see what REALLY goes on in this high-level mentoring group, check out the replay in today’s episode of the HFHQ podcast.  These calls are normally ONLY for 6FF members…

…but I want you to hear this.

We do one of these calls every week with our 6 Figure Flipping members.

And just one of these calls can change the entire trajectory of your house flipping or wholesaling business, giving you the insights and guidance you need to ramp things up.

So I want you to have it.

(Yes, you… grab a notepad, set aside some time, and really dive in.)

What do you think would happen to your house flipping or wholesaling business if you could jump onto a LIVE call like this, with rockstar experts like Bill Allen, every WEEK for the next 6 months?

With guys like Bill in your back pocket…

…do you think you’d still be stuck trying to find houses to flip?

Do you think you’d still be stuck trying to come up with money?

Do you think you’d still struggle to get houses under contract?

Do you think you’d still feel lost when marketing and talking to sellers?

Of course not.

Not with 6 months of DIRECT guidance and mentoring.

(I’ve watched it happen.)

Just the first couple calls alone will help you outline an exact action plan to go from “no deals” to “consistent deals every month.”

(If you’re still reading this and you HAVEN’T listened to the recording above yet… go do it now, before I change my mind, ha ha!)

Still here…?

Okay, fine…

Here’s the deal.

There’s just 2 days left to join 6 Figure Flipping.

We’re going to spend the next 6 months really diving deep (just like Bill did on this call)… and by the way, it’s a whole lot more than just weekly calls.

You’ll actually be learning from a ton of experts…

Including guys like Andy McFarland, Mike Simmons and Mike Cowper, and the members of our 8 Figure Flipping group, all of whom are doing $1,000,000+ per year investing in real estate.

It’s going to be crazy…

And we’re already off to an incredible start (as you can see above).

I don’t want anyone to miss out on this.

But after Thursday, we’re closing the doors.

So if you’re serious about building a 6-figure house flipping or wholesaling business, this is your chance.

Click below to and apply to join.

It takes just 1 minute to apply… so do this NOW…

CLICK HERE to Apply to Join 6 Figure Flipping >>

Oh, and by the way…

What we’re going to give you in this group will work even if you’re completely new to flipping houses and you’ve never done a deal before.

And if you have some experience already, this will be the rocket fuel to get you to the next level.

So go get your application in now (click here)…

…and I’ll see you on the inside!



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