How I Went from Making $200 a Month Buying Rentals to 7 Figures Flipping Houses

In House Flipping Formula, I share everything I’ve learned on my journey from barely scraping by as a newbie investor to flipping 100+ houses per year… plus, get all the contracts, documents, training videos, and other resources you need to launch and grow your investing business!

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How to Find and Hire Rock-Star Contractors: 18 Investors Share How They Do It

Building long-term relationships with rock-solid contractors is key to your success as a house flipper. You need to be able to count on your contractors to compete every project on time and on budget, or you’ll find yourself losing money very quickly. I asked 18 successful investors to share their #1 tip for working with contractors… and here’s their advice…

Failure Only Happens When You Quit

Let’s get something straight about house flipping. You will make mistakes in this business. You’ll face obstacles you didn’t plan for. But every time you fail, every time things don’t work out the way you planned, you have the opportunity to learn. And everything you learn takes you one step closer to success.

How We Put 12 Houses Under Contract in 1 Week

This past week, my team and I did something we’ve never done before. We bought 12 houses in a single week! This is a new record for us—more houses in one week than we’ve ever done before. It helped us get over a slightly-slower-than-expected start to the year, and we’re now on track for our biggest year yet.

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