The Biggest Flipping Failure Challenge – Week 3

The Biggest Flipping Failure Challenge – Week 3

We’re over the hump with the 3rd week of the Biggest Flipping Failure Challenge and this week we had a twist!  There was a chance for participants to get DOUBLE POINTS!

First, if you aren’t familiar with this action-taking challenge, then just click here to read my introductory blog.  Basically, members of the House Flipping Mastermind Group get points for taking specific types of action.

And in the 3rd and 4th week we’re providing double points for those people who are able to delegate tasks to others.  That’s right!  You get rewarded for not working. 😉

The reality is, the key to successfully scaling your business to a higher level is being able to delegate tasks to others.  It doesn’t just double your time, but it actually produces 10 folds returns down the line.  It’s not easy at first, and a lot of people will find it challenging, but if you can be successful at this skill it will help your business in a ton of ways.

Bonus Points

First though, let’s get to the bonus points.  We changed things a bit because we’re not posting everyone’s spreadsheets on our Facebook page.  Instead, we’re posting up a single Facebook post that links to this blog, and each person will get a bonus point for liking and/or commenting on the post.

Of course, that applies to this week, so those won’t get counted until next week.  But for last week we’re counting things the same as Week 1 & 2:

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Week 2 Facebook Post Like = 1 point
  • Week 2 Facebook Post Comment = 1 point
  • Add to the Blog Post (Week 2) Conversation = 1 point
  • Amazingness and Awesome-osity = 15 points

The last one is my ability to give 15 points to those who have really gone above and beyond, or who have shown some amazing persistence and action-taking during the week.

This week no one got all 3 bonus points.  In fact, no one even got 2 bonus points!  Let’s hope it changes up in the following week.

For the 15 points bonus, I’ve decided to give it to 3 people for last week.  They are:

  • Paul Nguyen: For getting a door slammed in his face!
  • William Morgan: Even though he was swamped and working 72 hours a week at his day job, he was able to delegate to his assistant and get things done!
  • J & J Federwisch: For getting threatening calls from the city for their bandit signs and constantly being flexible with their approach to business.

We’ve had some attrition over the 3 weeks, and from our original 28 participants we’ve received 18 results for week 3.

The Leaderboard

Okay, so let’s get to the leaderboard.  Here is where things stand right now …

  1. Hector Perez – 596
  2. Dave Comer – 560
  3. Tom Kelly – 394
  4. Donna Hinton – 357
  5. Michael Fletcher – 340
  6. Arthur Botting & Jennifer Laske – 329
  7. Jonathon & Johanna Federwisch – 291
  8. Jeff Ringnald – 225
  9. Patrick Pierce – 214
  10. Cary Lonis – 175
  11. Victoria Coleman – 174
  12. Stuart Fox – 172
  13. Paul Nguyen – 136
  14. David Johnson – 114
  15. Mark Blevins – 99
  16. Rob Dryman – 99
  17. Gary Lappert – 90
  18. Jason Vickery – 80
  19. Crystal Denmon – 75
  20. William Morgan – 73
  21. Carloz Zepeda – 64
  22. Mark Willey – 61
  23. Johnny Lorenz – 63
  24. Tim & Roxanne Watts – 42
  25. Ted Chan – 41
  26. James Palin – 29
  27. Phil Madarang – 29
  28. Wendy Wong-You – 18
  29. Colleen Sawatzky – 12
  30. Ryan Scott – 11

Want to see the breakdown of points?  Click here to see a Google Spreadsheet of the results.

Great job guys!  Just remember that everyone is a winner when they take action on their house flipping business!  Because every action you take in this challenge is directly related to building your business and making more money!

Have any questions for these guys?  Just ask below in the comments!

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