HFHQ 129: Education, Action, and Association: You Need All Three (Interview With Bill Allen)

HFHQ 129: Education, Action, and Association: You Need All Three (Interview With Bill Allen)

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Episode 129: Show Notes

In today’s episode, I have the privilege of interviewing an incredible investor and good friend, Bill Allen.  Not long ago, Bill was doing just 1 flip per year…

…but today, he has 8 projects underway at the same time, he’s hiring and training a team, and he has more deals coming into his pipeline every day.

What changed?  A few things… but it all had to do with the community Bill chose to surround himself with… check out this awesome nuts-and-bolts interview for the whole story!

Links and Resources

  • To follow Bill and check out everything he has going on, head over to BlackJackRE.com!
  • To hear Bill’s thoughts on his first-ever 7 Figure Flipping meeting, click here (I had no idea he was going to write this)…
  • If 7 Figure Flipping is something you’re interested in and you think you might be a good fit, I’d like to get on a call with you personally… go to 7FigureFlipping.com and apply now.  We have just 5 spots left as of the time of this recording!

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