HFHQ 156: How Andy Hired and Built His $3M-Per-Year Team: Andy at 6 Figure Flipping (Part 3 of 3)

HFHQ 156: How Andy Hired and Built His $3M-Per-Year Team: Andy at 6 Figure Flipping (Part 3 of 3)

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Episode 156: Show Notes

Hey!  Justin Williams here…

For the past two weeks, we’ve been digging into Andy McFarland’s $3-million-per-year wholesaling business and showing you exactly how he has built it from the ground up…

…and this week, we’re continuing that series!

In today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ Podcast, we’re taking you back inside Andy’s detailed presentation at the 6 Figure Flipping Intensive in Utah…

…and Andy is going to walk us through how he hired each member of his team, their roles, and how they’ve helped him grow his wholesaling business.

This is the kind of big picture stuff that will make you a millionaire.

Getting to see “inside” someone’s business like this is invaluable.

When I first started flipping houses, I didn’t have access to anything like this… I didn’t know anyone who was willing to lay out the exact details of how they run their real estate investing operation, so I could learn from them and copy their success.

We just didn’t have that.

And let me tell you, those first few years were not easy.

But later on, as I began to surround myself with the right people, my house flipping business really took off.

Getting the right mentoring is the most valuable thing I’ve ever done.

That’s why I started coaching others.  And it’s why I’ve brought Andy McFarland and Mike Simmons and Mike Cowper on board as well to share their secrets.

I don’t want you to go through what I went through at the start…

Instead, we’re here to give you the shortcuts, the exact strategies and tactics that are working right now, in today’s market.

This year for me is all about giving back and helping people and serving in the biggest way possible.

If you’re serious about building a house flipping or wholesaling business that runs on autopilot and brings in a 6-or-7-figure income, let’s talk.

Tell me about yourself, where you’re at in your business, and what you’re struggling with.

Go ahead and fill out a mentoring application now…

…and let’s get you on the inside track to real estate investing success ASAP.

CLICK HERE to Apply for Coaching >>

We never take on a new mentoring or coaching member unless we know we can help them 10X their investment.

That’s the reason for the application process… we want to get to know you and make sure this will be a good fit.

So how can we help you?

Fill out an application now and let me know!

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