HFHQ 157: Don’t Take it for Granted (Any of It)

HFHQ 157: Don’t Take it for Granted (Any of It)

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Episode 157: Show Notes

Hey!  Justin Williams here…

I just got back from the bank… and something kind of funny happened while I was there.

I had to talk to one of the business dudes at the bank to change my pin number.

And of course, I’m in there wearing flip-flops and shorts, my hair is a mess, I hadn’t showered yet… you get the idea.   🙂

So this guy in a suit is looking at my accounts…

…and after a minute he looks up at me with this weird look and says, “What do you do?”

It turned into a pretty important conversation…

…and what we talked about has been on my mind ever since!

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