HFHQ 162: 4 Flips in 6 Months (With a Full-Time Job): Interview With Tim Dye

HFHQ 162: 4 Flips in 6 Months (With a Full-Time Job): Interview With Tim Dye

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Episode 162: Show Notes

About a year and a half ago, Tim Dye decided he wanted to start flipping houses.

He was a complete newbie…

…but he went for it and started learning everything he could.

There was just one problem… he had a full-time job that required a lot of hours and travel.  At first, Tim and his wife Katie didn’t know if they’d be able to make it happen.

Then they joined House Flipping Formula…

…and over the next 6 months, they flipped 4 houses.

But that was just the beginning…

Tim just recently took the plunge and quit his job… and now, just a few short months after finishing their 4th flip, Tim and Katie have 11 flips in progress and are on track flip more than 25 houses this year, which will net them a high 6-figure income… all from real estate.

All while being their own bosses.

All while working on their own time and hanging out with their 3 kids.

So how did it happen?  How did Tim go from “newbie” to rock star so quickly?

Listen in to today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ podcast and find out!

House Flipping Formula: Doors Are OPEN!

Where do you want to be in 6 months?

What about in 12 months?  What do you want your life to look like?

Something Tim talked about in our interview today is the “lifestyle,” and how he’s pursuing a career flipping houses so he can spend more time with his family.

I think this is what we all want…

  • We want to be our own boss…
  • We want to have the freedom to do what we want to do…
  • We want to spend more time with the ones we love…
  • And we want to not have to worry about money…

Tim and Katie are making it happen.  It won’t always be easy (listen to the episode… Tim talks about making mistakes and learning and pushing through the hard stuff)…

…but if a college dropout like me can do it, then anyone can do it.

You just need to know how.  You just need the right systems, steps, and guidance in place.

Today, we officially opened the doors to House Flipping Formula, my house flipping training and coaching program.

We give you everything you need to start flipping houses and build a systematized flipping or wholesaling business from scratch.

If you want to do what Tim did…

…If you want to completely change your life in just a few short months…

…if you’re ready to take action and make this dream a reality…

…or, if you’re ready to start automating and scaling your real estate investing business so you can get some of your life back and stop working the grind day after day…

…then I’d like to invite you to join us (click here).

We only open the doors once or twice per year, and when we do, they aren’t open for long… just a few days.

So if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to take the plunge, like Tim did, then this is it.

Click below to claim your spot in House Flipping Formula now…

CLICK HERE to Join House Flipping Formula (Let’s Do This!) >>

And I encourage you to think about where you’ll be in 6 months.

If you don’t change your actions, change your path, or do something different… then in 6 months you’re still going to be right where you are today.

Just something to think about.  See you on the inside!

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  • Hurry… we’re currently accepting new students into the House Flipping Formula training program, but the doors won’t be open for long… click here to sign up!

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