HFHQ 167: How Bill Went From 2 Deals Per Year to 70 Deals Per Year…

HFHQ 167: How Bill Went From 2 Deals Per Year to 70 Deals Per Year…

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Episode 167: Show Notes

Back in 2015, Bill flipped just 2 houses.

In 2016, Bill flipped and wholesaled more than 70 houses…

…and this year, he’s on track to do close to 200 deals.

Oh, and he did all this while working a full-time job and caring for his family.

Mind. Blown.

Bill has ramped up his flipping business faster than just about anyone I’ve ever met… and he’ll be sharing his secrets at Flip Hacking LIVE 2017.

But you don’t have to wait till then…

Bill and I went live on Facebook to chat about his story and what’s in store at Flip Hacking LIVE… and you can listen to it all above or just click here to view the replay!

Oh, and make sure to get your Flip Hacking LIVE tickets today, because the early bird price is going away tonight!

Go to FlipHackingLIVE.com now to register!

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  • Tickets to Flip Hacking LIVE are selling out fast… and the huge early  bird discount is going away tonight!  So make sure to claim your tickets now… head over to FlipHackingLIVE.com to register!

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