HFHQ 169: My 7 Secrets for Eliminating Risk When Flipping Houses

HFHQ 169: My 7 Secrets for Eliminating Risk When Flipping Houses

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Episode 169: Show Notes

My heart was racing. My palms were sweaty.

What had I just done?

What if I lost money? What would we do? How would I pay back my investor? I had never been so scared in my life…

This is how I felt right after buying my first house to flip.

That one simple easy-peasy flip consumed me for 4 months.

It was ALL I could think about. I lost sleep. I was beyond stressed.

I couldn’t get the fear out of my head.


Just 1 year later, I flipped 60 houses in 12 months.

And the year after that, I flipped 120 houses and made my first 7-figure income, which completely changed my life.

So how did I do it?

How did I go from freaking out about doing just one easy, simple flip…

…to flipping 120 houses in 1 year and enjoying it?

I’m not talking about actually buying the houses. That’s the easy part.

I’m talking about the stuff that we don’t ever talk about… like how the HECK was I able to hold it together mentally and do that many deals without losing my mind from the stress?!

Everyone wants to know how to find, finance, rehab, and sell houses…

…but the thing no one ever talks about… the thing that REALLY determines the true success of any business owner… is how they keep it together on their way to the top.

So… want to know how I did it?

Want to know how I was able to take on all that risk and buy houses like a kid in a candy store when just a few months earlier I’d wanted to run to mamma and make it all go away?

I had a system. A system to eliminate risk.

In a nutshell, there are 7 things I do to minimize and eliminate risk…

And when I look at Andy McFarland and some of my most successful coaching students, they all have some of these 7 things in place too.

If you understand these 7 things, you can break free of the fear that holds most people hostage and create a life and business that very few are ever able to achieve.

All right, now you’re probably wondering… what are these 7 things?!

That’s what we cover in today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ podcast, which is a recording of a Facebook Live stream I did the other day.

Listen to the replay above… and start applying these 7 things to your investing business now!

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