HFHQ 171: Making 6 Figures PER MONTH Flipping Houses (In a Hyper-Competitive Market): Interview With Don Costa

HFHQ 171: Making 6 Figures PER MONTH Flipping Houses (In a Hyper-Competitive Market): Interview With Don Costa

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Episode 171: Show Notes

My friend Don Costa is crushing it right now.

  • He’s flipping houses in one of the hardest markets in the nation…
  • He’s making a 6 figure income every month…
  • He did 88 deals last year and is on track for 150+ this year…
  • And his business is entirely systematized.

Want to hear how he does it?

Don and I sat down and spent close to an hour going through his story, his business, and how he built his massive real estate operation from the ground up.

And on today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ Podcast, you can listen in…

Don is one of those guys who has REALLY done it.

(And he’s done it in a tough market.)

If he can do this, then you can do it, too.

So check out our conversation on today’s episode of the podcast… and then get out there and take action!

Links and Resources

  • We have just a few spots left in the 7 Figure Flipping program before our summer mastermind meeting in July… so if you want to join me and Don Costa and the rest of the group, click here to submit an application to join today.  Don’t put this off… get your application in NOW and let’s talk!
  • Don is the host of the Flip Talk Podcast… which is a truly incredible resource, and one of the few podcasts that I highly recommend.  Go check it out on iTunes!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the interview. The message is it is possible,
    and that in itself is important.


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