HFHQ 178: Fist of Awesomeness: How Pili and Jason Went From 0 Flips to Multi-Market Success

HFHQ 178: Fist of Awesomeness: How Pili and Jason Went From 0 Flips to Multi-Market Success

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Episode 178: Show Notes

Pili and Jason met on a rusty old river boat…

…where they both worked as bartenders.

That was 13 years ago.  Since then, they’ve made some huge waves in the real estate world… in more ways than one!

Today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ Podcast is kind of a wild ride.

Pili and Jason joined House Flipping Formula 2 years ago, when Jason paid for Pili’s membership as an engagement gift.

(Good call, Jason!)

That same year, they did their first flip.

And it was a SERIOUS learning experience.

This year, they’re on track to do 16 flips, and their goal is to hit 20 wholesale deals as well.

But here’s where it gets interesting…

Their house flipping journey hasn’t been a straight shot from point A to point B.

They have a business “lifting” houses in hurricane-prone parts of the East Coast. They run a brewery and a restaurant… Pili has worked as a realtor… they started their own real estate podcast… they’re picking up large multi-family rentals… investing in multiple markets… and raising a couple very cute kids.

I told you it was a wild ride!

So let’s break down how they did it and dive into their story…

Links and Resources

  • The doors to House Flipping Formula are opening TOMORROW… keep an eye on HouseFlippingFormula.com and get ready to claim your spot!
  • Pili and Jason are members of 7 Figure Flipping… and the impact this high-level mastermind group has had on their business has been huge (listen to the episode above to see why).  If you’re an established real estate investor and you’re ready to scale and systematize your house flipping or wholesaling business, let’s talk… submit a quick application for 7 Figure Flipping and let’s see if this group would be a good fit for you.
  • Pili and Jason recently started their own real estate investing podcast, and they’re on fire!  They’ve brought on some incredible guests, many of whom are advanced members of our 7 Figure Flipping mastermind.  Go check out the REI Foundation Podcast on iTunes!

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