HFHQ 180: 1 flip last year… 100+ flips this year… um WHAT?!

HFHQ 180: 1 flip last year… 100+ flips this year… um WHAT?!

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Episode 180: Show Notes

Steven Pesavento and Dave Befort met at Flip Hacking LIVE last year…

At the time, they were both pretty new to real estate.

They decided to partner up and work together.

And let’s just say they took some serious action and ramped things up fast… maybe faster than anyone I’ve met!

They flipped 1 house last year…

…but this year, they’re on track to do 100+ deals and will break the $1,000,000 income mark.

Um… what?!

Talk about fast growth…!

So how did they do it?

How did they go from being total “newbies” to building a 7-figure house flipping business in just 1 year?

That’s what we dive into on today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ podcast…

Big news… we just got MORE SEATS for Flip Hacking LIVE!

As most of you know, Flip Hacking LIVE tickets have been sold out for months now.

I’ve heard from a lot of investors who wanted to come but couldn’t get a spot.

And that really bummed me out.

But I just got some of the best news of my life…

We just got access to a bigger event space for Flip Hacking LIVE…

…which means we can fit MORE PEOPLE!

So as of RIGHT NOW we have a few more seats available (click here to claim yours)!

The extra seats we got will sell out VERY fast… maybe even as soon as the next few days.

So if you want to come, don’t put this off.

Head over to FlipHackingLIVE.com to grab one of the absolute last tickets to Flip Hacking LIVE 2017!

Links and Resources

  • To check out what Dave and Steven are up to and to follow their journey in more detail, head over to their website VFInvest.com!

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