HFHQ 182: 93 deals in just 9 months flipping houses? (HOW he DID IT…)

HFHQ 182: 93 deals in just 9 months flipping houses? (HOW he DID IT…)

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Episode 182: Show Notes

Last year, Jeremiah had never flipped a house.

This year, just 9 months in, he’s done 93 deals.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering…

…HOW on EARTH is that possible?!

Well, it all comes down to 3 things…

And these 3 things are what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ Podcast.  But there’s something else I want to share with you, too…

See, Jeremiah has an interesting story.

A powerful story.

He’s had to overcome a TON of challenges…

Yet here he is, on track to do 130+ deals this year.

If he can do it, you can do it too.

(When you hear his story, you’ll understand.)

So let’s dig in…

Links and Resources

  • If you’re a high level investor, making 6 figures in your real estate investing business, and you’re ready to go to 7 figures, go to 7FigureFlipping.com and fill out an application to join.
  • If you’re not ready for that level yet… then you seriously need to get to Flip Hacking LIVE.  We still have tickets available.  Go to FlipHackingLIVE.com to register now while we still have some spots available!
  • To support Jeremiah’s Tour de Cure, where he’s cycling 100 miles to raise money for diabetes, click here!

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