HFHQ 185: They keep getting MAD at me for this…

HFHQ 185: They keep getting MAD at me for this…

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Episode 185: Show Notes

Okay, confession time…

Sometimes people get mad at me.

I get some “hate mail” from time to time, ha ha…

And they say things like…

“You shouldn’t talk about how much money you make.”
“You’re giving people the wrong impression when you talk about that.”
“You’re so focused on money all the time… it makes you sound greedy.”
“Why do you keep trying to make more money? Don’t you have enough?”

And so on.

I’ll be honest, these kinds of comments used to really bug me.

Not so much anymore.

See, success is kind of a weird thing….

Most of us grow up with some weird ideas about wealth and making money. It’s part of our culture or something.

And these ideas can SERIOUSLY hold you back in life.

So let’s set the record straight…

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