HFHQ 191: My crazy week-long sugar high…

HFHQ 191: My crazy week-long sugar high…

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Episode 191: Show Notes

Okay, question time…

What’s the difference between the people who’re struggling to find even 1 deal…

…versus the people who’re flipping or wholesaling 10, 20, 30+ houses per month?

It comes down to 1 thing.

The guys and gals who are doing tons of deals have a system.

And in most cases, they didn’t make it up themselves.

They copied it from someone else.

(Someone who was ALREADY doing tons of deals.)

Picasso famously said, “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

I’m not saying you should steal from anyone…

…but I think you get the point.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to flipping houses. You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

There are so many people who have already figured it out.

Just over a week ago, we held two incredible events…

The first was our fall mastermind meeting for with the 7 Figure Flipping group…

…and immediately after that, we held Flip Hacking LIVE 2017.

We held them back to back…

…in the same hotel…

And I don’t think there has EVER been more real estate investing expertise crammed into one building as there was that week!

At 7FF, the nation’s top house flippers and wholesalers got together to share their secrets and help each other…

And at Flip Hacking LIVE, many of those same 7-figure investors took the stage to hand over their exact systems and strategies to everyone in the room.

Sharing.  Giving.  People helping each other.

That’s what this business is all about.

That’s why we do what we do.

And on today’s episode of the House Flipping HQ podcast, Tara and I dig into this crazy week-long “sugar high…” plus share some highlights from each event, updates, and more!

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  • There were 19 investors who spoke at Flip Hacking LIVE 2017… and between them, they’ve done 1800+ deals and brought in $27 million just this year! Next year’s event is going to be even bigger… and right now, you can register for Flip Hacking LIVE 2018 at the super-super-early-bird price AND get a full copy of the recording of this year’s event for FREE!  But one quick word of warning… on Thursday night, the price for next year’s event will be going up… and I’m not sure if we’ll still be giving away the recording at all.  So this is your chance… go register for FHL 2018 and grab the replay now!

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