HFHQ 194: How to work with your spouse (without killing each other)…

HFHQ 194: How to work with your spouse (without killing each other)…

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Episode 194: Show Notes

When I first started flipping houses, things didn’t go so well.

We didn’t have a lot of money or free time, and for a while, all my wife Tara and I could talk about was the business.

And our relationship was suffering…

Things got bad.

We were close to giving up… and Tara almost asked me to stop flipping houses and get a “real job.”

But one day we figured out the REAL problem…

We had everything backwards.

Our family was supporting the business, rather than the business supporting our family.

We HAD to turn things around.

So we set some ground rules…

…and it changed our life completely.

Not only did our relationship and our family life improve…

…but the BUSINESS grew as well.

The barriers and obstacles we face in our personal lives are the things that hold us back from success the most (more than any “business” obstacle you can think of).

Breaking through these personal barriers is super important.

Creating a business that enriches and amplifies your personal relationships and family life (instead of harming it) is one of the biggest factors in your success.

So with that in mind, I want to share something special with you today.

At Flip Hacking LIVE 2017, my wife Tara gave a full presentation on working with your spouse, managing your family life while running your business, and overcoming your personal obstacles.

I want you to see the recording of that talk…

Because this stuff is THAT important.  Check it out!



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  1. My husband’s goal is to prosper in the flipping business and I support him 100 %, but he doesn’t work and I work a full-time job. During the time i’m at my daytime job I feel he could be making some moves, but instead he’s home watching television or on the computer. The other evenings we attend bible study or meeting with Investors United. He keep telling me that (WE) need to get out there so with him not having a job and me working full-time he wants to wait until i’m able to go out with him instead of him making some moves. That’s my biggest issue with him and I feel he should be making some moves trying to bring more income into the household. My full-time job pays most of the bills as well as 401K and Health Benefits. What do you think?


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