HFHQ 196: 50+ deals… 7-figure income… in just 1 year (no excuses!)…

HFHQ 196: 50+ deals… 7-figure income… in just 1 year (no excuses!)…

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Episode 196: Show Notes

Excuses are for losers.

I mean that literally… if you’re making excuses, you’re not going to succeed.  Period.

It’s that simple.

Way back on January 3rd of this year, I had Zach and Stephanie Betters on my podcast… and they talked about how they flipped 11 houses their first year in this business.

Today, I got to chat with them again…

…and what they’ve done in less than 1 year is astonishing.

In February, they joined the 7 Figure Flipping group.

This year, they’ll hit 50+ deals…

…and they’ll bring in their first 7-figure annual income.

(This is what happens when you leave excuses behind!)

On top of that, they’ve figured out some crazy strategies for finding motivated sellers on Facebook, which is something pretty much NO ONE else in this business has tapped into yet…

So let’s catch up with the Betters on the HFHQ podcast…

…and dig into what’s happened since January!

Links and Resources

Zach and Stephanie have started helping other house flippers connect with motivated sellers on Facebook. To check out what they’re doing, click here!

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