HFHQ 20: Wholesaling and Probates with Sharon Vornholt – Part 1

HFHQ 20: Wholesaling and Probates with Sharon Vornholt – Part 1

Sharon Vornholt from Louisevile, Kentucky is a master marketer, wholesaler, and really understands the probate and absentee owner process.  In fact, today we get really deep with her approach to marketing to probates and finding absentee owners.  She gives us her specific methods for direct marketing to this unique demographic and even provides a copy of her initial probate letter, which you can download below!

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Show Notes

In this episode we cover:

  • Sharon’s early beginnings with properties starting a home inspection company and then getting hooked on investing at her first REIA meeting.
  • How Sharon started with wholesaling and what she recommends for people who are just starting out
  • Sharon’s current business model and why she transitioned away from being a landlord
  • Sharon’s main marketing source and the best source of her leads
    • The power of networking with your REIA group
  • Why probates are unique and how to market to them effectively (hint: don’t send a yellow letter or postcard!)
    • Marketing to the executor vs. the heirs
    • The four pieces of information you need to start a probate campaign
    • Sharon’s specific approach to crafting a probate letter and how many letters she sends
  • Sharon’s specific approach to marketing to absentee owners and which direct mail pieces get the best results
  • Sharon’s preferred mailing and list services for direct mail marketing
  • How Sharon handles phone calls

Memorable Quotes

  • “There was something really scary about making that first offer and wondering if I would be able to find a buyer” ~ Sharon Vornholt
  • You have to learn what a good deal is” ~ Sharon Vornholt [Tweet This!]
  • You need a realtor who understands investing” ~ Sharon Vornholt [Tweet This!]
  • “There are around 3,300 counties in the United States, and every one of them is different” ~ Sharon Vernholt
  • What’s good is bad and what’s bad is good” ~ Justin Williams [Tweet This!]


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