How I turned 2 weeks of buying frustration into 3 houses in a single day!

How I turned 2 weeks of buying frustration into 3 houses in a single day!

I’m about to burst your bubble.

A lot of you out there probably think that I’m this super-powered house flipper with systems of steel and a mind-set of gold that brings a constant stream of deals through my funnel and in to my bank account.  And of course I never, ever have lulls in my business or periods where productivity dips down, right??

But here is the truth: none of that is true.

In fact I recently suffered a dip that lasted two weeks where I didn’t buy any houses.

As you might recall, I had set a rather ambitious goal of buying 150 houses in 2014, and I take these goals pretty seriously.  And, if you’ve done the math in your head then you already figured out that 150 houses is an average of around 3 houses a week!  So, going 2 weeks without buying a house makes the alarm bells go off in my head like you wouldn’t believe.

First this caused me to be anxious. This anxiety turned into frustration and despair, but then quickly into “problem solving and solution mode”.  I started brainstorming several possible solutions to help us buy more houses.  Some of which we will be implementing right away and others which we may implement in the future.

Coming up with some new acquisition ideas was just a part of it. My mind became ultra focused on buying houses and figuring out what we could do to make this happen.  It was this mindset which allowed us to buy 3 houses in one day last week and get out of our 2 week house buying slump.

In an upcoming post I will share the specific details on exactly what we did to get those deals, and make them work for everyone involved, and how I even bought one of them while I was at Disneyland with my family.

During a recent online hangout with my House Flipping mastermind members, I shared some of these frustrations with those on the call.  But, and I think this is important to note, I didn’t just express the feelings of frustration, but I also shared the specific actions I was planning to take in order to resolve the problem.

The following is a video excerpt from our meeting.  I think it’s worth watching so you can see where my mind-set was and how I was approaching the problem.

So, needless to say I was pretty frustrated.  It pretty much leaps off the screen how desperate I was to figure out a solution to my problem.

The Options with Obstacles

What’s interesting is I didn’t buy a house last week using one of the methods I came up with when I was in this “get back up fighting problem solving” mode. It was more of just a mind set shift which also caused me to be creative and just do whatever it takes to make things work.  It allowed me to look at these deals and find solutions to putting them together and making them work out for everyone involved.

It seems like anytime we go through a trial or struggle which we are able to overcome we end up coming up with solutions which will make us even better off than we were before.

You see, every business owner — every person — feels frustration from time to time.  It’s the universe’s way of letting us know that things need to change.

There are basically two things you can do when you come to that obstacle in the road of your life or business.

One, you can stop where you are and allow yourself to focus on the feelings of despair.

or , two, you can focus your energy on finding a way around the obstacle.  You look for a solution or answer that will allow you to around, over, under or through the barrier that stands in your way.

The things you can do to resolve a problem are infinite. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity.

The moment I went in to “problem solving mode” with my house buying stagnation, things changed.  And as soon as we started taking action, then we found ways to resolve our problem.  It was almost like magic, except that there is no magic at all.

When the brain starts to seek out solutions, solutions are found — seemingly out of nowhere. And when you turn those solutions into physically manifested action, then things start to really happen!

When you make that shift in paradigm then you are on your way from being someone who works for a business, and turn in to someone who’s business will work for them.

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