How I Went from Making $200 a Month Buying Rentals to 7 Figures Flipping Houses

In House Flipping Formula, I share everything I’ve learned on my journey from barely scraping by as a newbie investor to flipping 100+ houses per year… plus, get all the contracts, documents, training videos, and other resources you need to launch and grow your investing business!

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The House Flipping HQ Podcast

The House Flipping HQ Podcast

What is the House Flipping HQ Podcast?

Sometimes it isn’t enough just to read about the house flipping process.  You need other ways to help you learn the vital information that will help you build your own house flipping business. And, while I have a lot of experience with house flipping, I’m definitely not the only name in the game.  In fact, there are some folks out there who are really doing some amazing things with real estate investing. The purpose of this podcast is to help bridge those two gaps. We’ve put together interviews with some of the top house flippers in the industry — people who are out there day after day and really making a killing.  They really know their stuff.  And I’m excited to get them on the podcast to ask them questions and ask them to share what they know with all of you. Finding the right mentor can shave months or even years off your learning time.  And having these podcasts is like getting that private mentoring direct to your ears. So, take a listen and, if you feel so inclined, I would love a rating and five star review on iTunes. 🙂

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