Welcome to House Flipping HQ!

Welcome to House Flipping HQ!
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Welcome to House Flipping HQ!

We’re hard at work putting together an awesome house flipping educational resource for you.

There are a few things I wanted to let you know about this site and what we’re doing here:

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First, I wanted to invite you to sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.  As a “thank you” you will receive a 15,000+ word, 56 page document on the Fundamentals of House Flipping.  This one guide could take years off your learning curve and give you the core understanding you need to really get started as a house flipper.

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This newsletter gives you the inside track on everything going on with House Flipping HQ, including opportunities to get in on the ground floor with our podcasts, contests and mastermind group.  If you want to increase your house flipping knowledge and skills, then this is definitely worth signing up for.

Get Knowledge on the go!

Every week I talk with professionals in the house flipping and real estate investing businesses on our podcast. They share inside tips, tools and information related to how they run their businesses and, without a doubt, this is one of the best resources you can get if you want to bring your house flipping to the next level.

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Every week we get in to serious detail on exactly what the pro’s are doing.  If you want to exponentially increase your knowledge and understanding of house flipping then this is a must-listen.

Get the Essentials

We put together a great “House Flipping 101” post for you.  It outlines the entire house flipping process from start to finish. (I recommend grabbing a tall glass of lemonade and sitting yourself down for a while because its a pretty hefty post!)

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And one you’ve finished that article be sure to check out our dozens of house flipping case studies, guest posts, and articles on just about every aspects of house flipping you can imagine.  We bring you the best information we possibly can every week so be sure to check it out by clicking here.

Get Professional Advice

Finally, we have posted up an amazing round-up post where we asked 20 of the nation’s top house flippers and wholesalers to answer 3 questions essential for beginners in this field.  These are people at the top of their game, and they really provide some amazing insights and information that can help set the tone for your future house flipping business.

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Why am I doing this?

The process of learning how to flip houses can be a frustrating uphill battle.  Most resources you might find online is often more empty fluff than useful stuff.

And whenever you find information that might work you end up with a website that has just one or two good nuggets of information but leaves out too much of the whole process.

After seeing what was out there, I thought to myself ‘What if there were an online resource — a virtual hub of information — teaching you everything you need to know about the process of house flipping?’

From the very basics and fundamentals of house flipping, all the way to an in depth look at each process and real-life case studies, tips from experts and actionable resources that give you the true essence and nitty gritty details of house flipping.

Even to the point of helping you understand how to set up your own business — a “house flipping machine”, if you will — that can scale your efforts to the next level.

Too good to be true?

I know what you’re thinking. Because we’ve all seen the hype out there. Information courses or “special VIP coaching” put on by information marketers with less property buying experience than your next door neighbor. They charge through the nose, give you only tidbits of information, and leave you with empty promises.

That is why I started House Flipping HQ. I’ve been taken by those con artists who only know how to sell coaching courses, but don’t actually know how to coach. I’ve struggled to find even a morsel of helpful information on how to get started with house flipping.

It shouldn’t have to be that way!

A better way

And so I’m pulling together everything I know from years in this field, having built a business that is currently flipping over 100 houses a year, to create the ultimate house flipping resource online.

Here is a bit of what you can find here on House Flipping HQ:


A massive amount of articles (with more being added every week!) on every aspect of house flipping, from finding properties and deal aquisition, to securing financing and working with contractors on your rehab. A huge supply of helpful information, and its all FREE for you!


I interview some of the best house flippers and real estate investors in the industry every week on our podcast. But I don’t just let them talk about generalities. We get in depth with specific examples of what they do on a day by day basis to keep their house flipping businesses running.

Case Studies

I provide regular case studies, both on my own deals, but also from deals of other investors. The more you see how deals can be put together and developed, the better your understanding on how to create them yourself.

Guest Posts

I have invited some amazing house flipping experts to write articles on everything from hard money lending to finding the right contractor. I’m just one person, but thanks to these guest posts we’re able to bring you a greater breadth of information.


I also hold webinars a couple times a month where you can get in, learn about an aspect of my house flipping business, and ask me any questions you might have. Plus, I share information on the House Flipping Mastermind group where you can get amazing support, resources and accoutability for your house flipping endeavors!houseflippingfundamentals_cover-256x256

I’m really excited about what we’re putting together here, and I hope you find it useful in your pursuits to start a house flipping business of your own.

I also invite you to sign up for our newsletter by clicking right here. I’ve put together a FREE House Flipping Fundamentals Guidebook for you, which includes over 15,000 words and 56 pages of information that will help you develop the core skills you need to create a life of abundance and freedom!

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I know you will find it helpful, and it is is my special gift to you for signing up. Plus, you will be in the queue to receive the latest information and updates on house flipping information that matters. (I might even throw in a few exclusive bits of information just for the folks on the mailing list. ;-))

I encourage you to check out all that we have to offer, leave comments on the site, and listen in on the podcast interviews with house flipping experts.  I can’t wait to meet up with you on the inside!

~ Justin

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